Just a girl figuring out life in Brazil

by Elizabeth Aranda April. 18, 2017 2419 views

My life in Brazil has been a beautiful adventure and God has been pushing me in so many ways. There are some moments where I look around and I think to myself.. How am I in Brazil? Because I definitely didn't imagine my life in Brazil one year ago. But that's the cool thing about God, when you love him, he will take you places you can't even imagine. Some exciting news I found out a few days ago, my team and I will be going to Rio!!! Rio is one of my dream travel locations so it definitely feels too good to be true. As an architecture nerd, I remember being an art history student studying the sculpture of "Christ the Reedemer" in class, now I will be seeing it in person... Gnarly. But there's been a few challenges also, last Friday I was involved in street ministry and my heart was aching. Literally aching. (Read my last blog post if you want to read more about street ministry) I got back to my room and there was God waiting to talk with me about my night and I shut him out. I basically was like "sorry God but I don't want to deal with these emotions right now so I'm going to plug in my headphones and watch cooking videos on Facebook." And that's what I did. Saturday morning I woke up and my phone was broken. It wouldn't turn on and the screen was blank. I don't think God went out his way to randomly break my phone but I believe he has a sense of humor with his timing. So okay God, we can deal with how street ministry broke my heart because now I don't have a phone to shut out the emotions. Okay God, I'm okay with this. Humble me, show me your plan. Because most people in the world don't have phones, and mine will be fixed in a few weeks. Sunday morning I woke up excited that it was Easter but wait.. My right eye won't open? I look in the mirror and my right eye was LITERALLY swollen shut. Guys, I looked like the hunch back of Notre dame. It was bad. So I spent a majority of my Easter at the hospital getting a butt shot to stop the reaction. Btw, I'm scared of shots. (Shoutout to the nurse.. Sorry I was such a drama queen about the shot). So okay God, your teaching me patience. Your teaching me physical strength. Lots of things have been happening in my crazy life in Brazil, such as today my team went to a middle school and did dramas for them. Middle schoolers love selfies btw so my awkward face is all over the Brazilian Instagram. But Brazil is slowly grabbing my heart, from staying up and playing card games with people I love, trying new foods, forming fun new friends despite language barriers, and having God laugh and walk with me every day. My team and I will be doing a lot of ministry over the next week before we head to São Paulo so wish us luck and keep us in your prayers! 

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Emily Aranda 3 years, 11 months ago

LOL at your eye & phone (I'm your sister, I can laugh at that stuff)

3 years, 11 months ago Edited
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