São Paulo, here I come!

by Elizabeth Aranda April. 26, 2017 1820 views

Hey guys! Thanks for all the amazing support in Recife. Today I'm leaving Recife and flying to São Paulo! It's funny how we end up loving the places the most that we least expect, Recife now has a part of my heart that I can't take back (even if I wanted too). This place taught me a lot about life, love, and God. It also opened my eyes to the reality of poverty, never before had I seen poverty so intensely and at first I couldn't process it. Even if I could process it, I didn't want to at first so it was a definite growing experience for me as I slowly let it all in. The people and relationships I've made here I treasure so much and saying goodbye is hard. I was automatically treated with respect and love from strangers who turned into family when I arrived in Recife. The YWAM Recife base is 10/10, the staff are so passionate about their ministries, the students are welcoming, and the base really reflected god's love. I'm also excited for the next part of the adventure to São Paulo and I'm excited to see how it'll push me. In São Paulo I won't have wifi all the time so if anyone messages me and I take awhile to get back to you, please understand. Also I'm hoping to get my phone fixed soon so please be understanding if you've texted/called me and I didn't reply. Love you all and can't wait to see what God does in my team and I lives as we head to São Paulo! 

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