by Elizabeth Aranda May. 17, 2017 1310 views

Staying in Brazil, I've been thinking a lot on human connections. I read a quote recently that stated, "in life you will meet a lot of average people, some great people, and few amazing people." I noticed that I stay in one city for a few days or week and I meet people I consider to be amazing and I think to myself, "how could I meet anymore amazing people? I've hit the limit." And then I reach another place and I meet a different group of amazing people. Shoot. Right now I'm staying in San Bernardo with a church called "Skate Church". And the people are amazing. I almost wish I would stop meeting amazing people because it makes saying goodbye so much easier. But alas, not the case. This past week I've been doing a lot of skate ministry; while connecting with local skaters I've been growing as a skater myself and pushing myself in different boundaries. On Monday morning my team will be heading off to Rio... which is our last stop in Brazil. Secondly, to update whoever is reading this on my relationship with god, i've been craving intimacy with god immensely lately. Leviticus 26:12 "I will walk among you and be your god, and you will be my people." To me this verse is so intimate, so sweet. It brings me a warmth to my heart and makes me crave more intimacy with my dad. (I like to refer to god as dad). And sometimes I wish I could take my dad out to Starbucks with me and laugh at silly jokes, or take him to a book store and read with me, or watch movies together. Then I realize that my dad is always with me, with all that I do and every place I wander too. (Sometimes I shudder at my dad seeing me in my "ugly" moments such as taking morning poops or accidentally dropping the F bomb.) I've been really trying to break the barrier of not being able to see and touch my dad but know that he is present. Knowing that I can talk to him and that he will respond (even if I don't see him). Breaking that barrier is important to me, it'll help me with my intimacy with my dad. So lately I've been praying out in public as I do simple things, I like to talk to my dad while I drink coffee at Starbucks or walk around a store or I tell him a joke in the middle of ministry. Sometimes I get funky looks because it looks like I'm talking to myself, but if only people realized I'm just hanging with our dad. So to wrap up this blog update, San Bernardo is beautiful. Skate church is such a passionate church who really understands the will of god. Tonight my group is running a bible study at Skate Church and I'm giving a testimony- super stoked!!! I'm sad to say goodbye but I'm also excited for Rio. Please message me and talk to me if you have any comments or questions, or if you have any prayer requests. Thank you for the support cool cats!!

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