For the dreamers:

by Elizabeth Aranda May. 22, 2017 1217 views

I've been thinking lately about following your dreams. Why is following your dreams so negatively looked upon? At first that might sound ridiculous, but really think about. People who dream big are told to get their head out of the clouds and focus on reality. People who have dreams that goes against societal expectations are scoffed at. Do you ever listen to someone talk about their wild dreams and think, "yeah right that will happen". Why do we do that? Why are we told to dream big but when we do dream big, we are weird and crazy ones? I think society likes to tell people to dream big but expects people to dream within guidelines. Graduate highschool, go to college (get in debt.. but the American education system is a whole different subject), fall in love and get married, have kids, get a job, and be a good hard working part of society. Yeah that is all great, but what about the ones who dreams don't align to that? I'm 19 and currently taking time off college to pursue my dreams of missions and that's okay. I like to dream big with god, i like to think about the impossible. In my dreams, I see a world that has no poverty, hunger, persecution, pain. A world that reflects heaven. And is that crazy? I guess this is just a blog post to encourage people to dream big. Society tells you to live your life inside the box but.. it's okay to color outside the lines. It's okay not to go straight to college after highschool. I's okay to want to experience different cultures, different countries. It's okay to dream big. Don't let societal expectations stop you from dreaming big, and especially dreaming big with god. I wish I would of realized this when I was younger, because I used to care so much about doing what was expected of me. But once you step outside of the box, the box becomes nothing. And to have the courage to step out that box, you have to be confident in yourself. The past few months I've been going through a huge self love process with god and something a kind friend I met in brazil told me this, "a real woman is okay with being alone and just having god." And it's really stuck with me. I had to evaluate myself and my life, was I comfortable with being alone? With giving my life to God completely? For giving him my dreams? And I hope to always work towards to saying yes.

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