Hou Sha Yu Market

by Ljgarbanzos September. 09, 2010 2171 views

I went with my Vietnamese friend, Ngan, to this wet market place near where we live for the very first time. I have been going to Piazza Fresh Market just outside the village to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meat for the longest time. Turns out these are expensive compared to the ones here in Hou Sha Yu Market. This is just like the regular wet market and is where you will find the locals buying their food. It is a bit more organized than the ones at home because inside the compound are several small “warehouses” one for each item you need. Inside one warehouse for example would only be vegetables, another for fruits, another for meat, and a separate one for fish (still alive inside aquariums). There are also non-food items like clothes and shoes and other knick knacks and again in a separate house. So that's why when we told our driver that we wanted to go to this market he asked us, which store? And I was thinking it was one huge wet market.

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