Long Qing Gorge

by Ljgarbanzos October. 04, 2010 1952 views

We went on a day trip with the Chios and Abandos to Long Qing Xia or Great Dragon Gorge about 50 miles north of Beijing. Legend has it that the dragons go here to celebrate because of the natural beauty of the place. There is a dam which was built sometime 1973 that provides Beijing with water. On the way up the dam, you have to go inside the dragon (see pic below) that has a series of escalators which will lead you up the mountain. Once there, there's a scenic boat ride to take you around. There's even a buddhist temple (Diamond Temple) but taking pictures are not allowed. We went back down via a Toboggan ride. So much better than the one in Great Wall! Great day trip for families!

You'll see the tail of the dragon on the right side of the dam.

View from the boat

Bungee-jumping anyone?

There was someone walking and then doing a tight rope exhibition as well. This shot was taken from the boat. There were a lot ooohhs and aaahhhhs to oh nos when he went from walking to flipping over.

Cable car ride for those who want the adrenaline rush but can't take the jump or the rope.

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Betty 7 years ago

Oh, that sky lift looks scary, but it looks as if you're having an amazing time!

7 years ago Edited
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