Jedi Jugglers

by Ljgarbanzos October. 22, 2010 3887 views

We went with the kids to ISB to watch the annual Jedi Jugglers event. This has a long history and has been going on for the past 20 years. The Jugglers are all elementary school students. By 4th grade, one is eligible to join the team and train as a juggler. I really liked their opening number. Lights were turned off as they made their grand entrance and proceeded to do their routine with glow-in-the-dark pins. It was an amazing show of lights. So nice!

Ring Jugglers

Single Ball Juggler

Siamese Jugglers (joined together at the seams of their shirt). This is not an easy thing to do.

My personal favorite. Skating and Juggling at the same time.

It was the turn of the cleaning ladies to do their juggling act. =)

Juggling with Giant Matchsticks. Good thing it's not lit. Playing with fire not allowed. Haha

Firefighters can be jugglers too! Those are water balloons by the way.

Final Act to the tune of MJ's Beat it but lyrics changed to “Eat It!”. Each one had to juggle an apple and eat it too!

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