Hubby's Birthday Part 1

by Ljgarbanzos January. 23, 2011 1785 views

Happy Birthday Hon!

It was a simple lunch celebration for the gfamily at Haru - Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar here in Shunyi. The restaurant only has private teppan rooms each with its own chef to skillfully prepare your meal right in front of you. More than the delicious food and the great show, it was a pleasure for us to see Basti and Ally enjoy the total gustatory experience for the very first time.

Our private room is the 2nd to the last one down the hall.

Loved the interior design of the room. Very Modern Asian.

Our chef. Thank you for the great food and wonderful show!

Shiitake Mushrooms

Soft shell crab roll

Fish roe. Ally liked this, Basti didn't.

Foie Gras on Scallops. Basti loved this, Ally didn't. Kuya actually got her share. It was the first time for him to try it and he said it was so good. Pretty expensive taste Basti! Not a fan of foie gras myself and this is probably the last time I'm eating this. Must not support inhumane treatment of animals.

Spicy Tuna Roll

Enoki mushroom wrapped in beef. Yum!

Flaming Onion Volcano. Must order the chicken for this. It was a perfectly choreographed event. The waitress came in and even turned off the lights for this.

Fried Rice. The fat from the steak was trimmed off before it was cooked for us, chopped and then included here. So that's why this was so yummy!

This came in last though. By the time it was served, we were all full! Burp!

But of course, there's still room for dessert!

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