Above all

by Monika March. 31, 2009 4219 views

nothing in space is as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.

zürich today

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Camille 11 years, 10 months ago

Wonderland ??

11 years, 10 months ago Edited
Tim 12 years ago

aww love this, you two having fun,,,number 3 looks like a Storytaylorphoto :)),,hahah and now I read her comment too lol,,,,totally agree!!!

12 years ago Edited
Arun Dasgupta 12 years ago

Beautiful portrait shots with Zurich's cityscape.

12 years ago Edited
Clicker 12 years ago

no. 3 is wonderful ... Love your editing too

12 years ago Edited
Pawel Opara 12 years ago

very nice, I especially like no. 3. 4 is also very warm and charming :]

12 years ago Edited
Christa 12 years ago

Great and breathtaking shots. Congrats. You keep your cold blood in such hights.

12 years ago Edited
Storytaylor 12 years ago

I love it, love, love. wonderful. could be storytaylor

12 years ago Edited
Vterezia 12 years ago

ti ilyen bátrak vagytok ,Én nem mernék felülni az óriáskerékre , a fotók különlegesek ,nagyszerűek ............

12 years ago Edited
Hanna Westesson 12 years ago

Great view, I love the third picture!

12 years ago Edited
Alfo Zavala 12 years ago

Cool fish eye !

12 years ago Edited
Amy Whicker 12 years ago

10mm -- Hahahaha wow that is a WIDE ANGLE! I love the effect, even the distortion. #5 is adorable, and a really great portrait!

12 years ago Edited
Odradek 12 years ago

whoaa...I feel dizzyyyyy

12 years ago Edited
Laura 12 years ago

Great perspective....I especially like #3

12 years ago Edited
Jacki 12 years ago

Nice effect on these, what beautiful red & orange seats! 3 is my favorite, quite a 'view'.

12 years ago Edited
Stormfish 12 years ago

and hey, i made it to be the first commenter one! yippee! ;-)

12 years ago Edited
Stormfish 12 years ago

gorgeous view! i loved riding these when i was a kid, i begged my parents to let me go over and over again... and i remember they made we want to get higher and higher, even though i was scared a bit to look down... but you and your boy are brave ones, i can see that, no fear at all, just all fascination for what's above all... :-)

12 years ago Edited
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