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“Child, how happy you are sitting in the dust, playing with a broken twig all the morning.
I smile at your play with that little bit of a broken twig.
I am busy with my accounts, adding up figures by the hour.
Perhaps you glance at me and think, ”What a stupid game to spoil your morning with!“
Child, I have forgotten the art of being absorbed in sticks and mud-pies.
I seek out costly playthings, and gather lumps of gold and silver.
With whatever you find you create your glad games, I spend both my time and my strength over things I never can obtain.
In my frail canoe I struggle to cross the sea of desire, and forget that I too am playing a game.”
(Rabindranath Tagore)

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Tim 11 years ago

I remember I saw this photo when u posted it, I simply had no time to comment it, I thought by then and still think now it is one of the cutest photos which best reflect how simple life can be, it makes me wonder why we complicate it so much later,,,let him enjoy,,,love his smile!

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Christine 11 years ago

I think I'd rather play with mud pies !
Gorgeous son of your's ! Cheeky smile to his mom, he feels protected... she is not far.
Lovely post, I love the framing, aperture and speed, just perfect

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Pete 11 years ago

just the kind of words one needs to read on a Monday morning
lovely photo
I like the low angle and the movement around the child who seems to be oblivious of the rush around him

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Stormfish 11 years ago

i think if he later in his life looks at people still that way, he will be a great winner of games. that text you quoted... it brings up a lot of thoughts that i could endlessly about. is life a game? are games life? do we loose the ability to play for serious happiness when we grow up? you know so much about it - i want to learn.

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Hanna Westesson 11 years ago

Sweet :-)

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Rodica O 11 years ago

Thank you for the text, it made my day

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Rodica O 11 years ago

As long he will keep that smile unchanged, he will keep playing.
His happy face make me stare and stare..
I like his white shoulder untouched by the sun, it looks like a white small wing ;)

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Storytaylor 11 years ago

yes, happy.

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Riyaz 11 years ago

cute! lovely shot.

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