Street art

by Monika June. 13, 2010 2995 views

just hope it does not represent the general hungarian public sentiment but only the phantasms of a lonely disillusioned mind.

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Rodica O 11 years, 3 months ago

I actually like these two, and you probably found them interesting too - otherwise you wouldn't have show them here...
It doesn't even look like street art...they could easily be exhibited in a gallery.
What are they, watercolours on paper ?
It's interesting how they are painted on top of a rectangular impression in paper ( probably done with a metal plate like in etching but blank, just for "framing" the composition - nice idea).
As I don't know Hungarian and can't read the inscriptions ( except "getho teater" - probably a mispelled of "ghetto theater" ) I don't understand very well your commentary about better being "...only phantasms of a lonely disillusioned mind." - maybe it was more directed to the first one...
I like the second a lot. It made me search for "ghetto theater" and found something about the [url=]Cultural Ghettoization and Theater during the Holocaust[/url] and [url=]Heartstrings. Music of the Holocaust[/url]
It's very touching. I could see the contrast of a gentle dreamy face of an artist forced into camp/prison uniform...a whole story behind it.
...Am I just imagining all this ?!
Please do explain to me when you have time what did you mean,..something like : "let's hope not everybody is this depressed and full of hatred "...or so ?!...

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