It takes a lot of looking to see

by Monika February. 19, 2011 3434 views
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Sundance11 10 years, 7 months ago

De jo szemed van! Eldobom az agyamat ettol a keptol. Poszternek akarom a szobamba!

10 years, 7 months ago Edited
Kecskemétiné Nelli 10 years, 7 months ago

& to read the Book of Nature... =)

10 years, 7 months ago Edited
Peter Trifusz 10 years, 7 months ago

can't find the words
sinking and rising at the same time

10 years, 7 months ago Edited
Stormfish 10 years, 7 months ago

coming back to this, i realize something irritatingly beautiful on this picture which i haven't seen on first looking: actually, your fog is as blue as clear ocean water when the sun shines through; the visibility here also is a reminder of what you get when diving, and i assume this is taken in switzerland - so somehow, you managed to bring the ocean to this sunless country... :-)

10 years, 7 months ago Edited
Alberto Garcia 10 years, 7 months ago

Fantastic atmosphere, really reminds an underwater vision...

10 years, 7 months ago Edited
Pete 10 years, 8 months ago

lovey fog shot

10 years, 8 months ago Edited
Marsha 10 years, 8 months ago

Dreamy, moody.....really creative image!

10 years, 8 months ago Edited
Á G N E S 10 years, 8 months ago

- nahááát!!!
- legalább annyira tetszik, mint a láthatatlan vacsoráról szóló, anno!!!
- szabadon hagy, és mégis látványt kínál!!!

10 years, 8 months ago Edited
Stormfish 10 years, 8 months ago

sometimes too much. my eyes hurt...

10 years, 8 months ago Edited
Jacki 10 years, 8 months ago

This is like making up a story... it pulls you in wondering "are those mountains in there as well"... "is it night"...

It reminds me of a book my kids used to have where they were young. NO words but wonderful photos. And for each photo they could make up their own story. And each time the story could be different. Wonderful memory... :-)

10 years, 8 months ago Edited