Colorado Wildflowers for You!

by Marsha September. 10, 2009 4326 views

This post is dedicated to all my lovely friends around the world…..I'm so glad we made this PB connection! A special mention goes out to Betty (lifeisgood []). We’ve been good friends for many years but just recently found this interest we can share (even though we live in different states). So cheers to all of you….I look forward every day to sitting down at the computer and enjoying your wonderful work!

Cool Beatles video [] - you know the song :)))

…and last, but not least for the bug fans ;)

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Sara 7 years, 12 months ago

thank you :-) wonderful flowers!

7 years, 12 months ago Edited
Pandka 7 years, 12 months ago


7 years, 12 months ago Edited
**Wendy** 7 years, 12 months ago

#1,4 & 8 are my favorites out of your floral post. Nice job.

7 years, 12 months ago Edited
Timi 8 years ago

BEAUTIFUL!!! thank you! :)

8 years ago Edited
Lynn 8 years ago

OUTSTANDING SET!!! Thank you for this beautiful's wonderful to be able to share the passion of photography with friends around the world :))

8 years ago Edited
Leah De Guzman Huete 8 years ago

Beautiful set! i love them all!
Thank you for sharing :)

8 years ago Edited
Jacki 8 years ago

it seems we all agree this is a great community! a lovely set, and thank you!

8 years ago Edited
Arie 8 years ago

GREAT macros Marsha. Really admire picture no. 4, 8 and 10

8 years ago Edited
V Kookie 8 years ago

beautiful...enough said

8 years ago Edited
Never Dainty 8 years ago

awesome! breathtaking shots you have here!! :)

8 years ago Edited
Christa 8 years ago

Oh, Marsha, I'm really glad to receive so beautiful flowers from you. You know, I always prefered wild flowers! Fantastic set.

8 years ago Edited
Neil Rosenberger 8 years ago

That was an awesome set !! You set some very high standards for posting pictures ! But that is very good because it is a challenge for some of the rest of us . I really like the PB community,and all l of my and your friends. Thanks for sharing !! cd

8 years ago Edited
Alicew 8 years ago

greate photos, dof is nice.

8 years ago Edited
Gonia 8 years ago

sorry to be last but I was absent. beautifull done, but as I think your words are better then pictures! you are v.v.good person and it is honour for us to have so nice person in our company! I'm proud of you! all best wishes for you and great thanks for your splendid flowers!

8 years ago Edited
Wanageeska 8 years ago

#2 is wonderful

8 years ago Edited
Jumiella 8 years ago

Fantastic collection of beautiful flowers! #5 is my favourite!

8 years ago Edited
Gelareh 8 years ago

greart set!

8 years ago Edited
Olivia 8 years ago

every one is like perfection.
I will add smth to my favs :)

8 years ago Edited
Asylum 8 years ago

great set Marsha!
absolutely great.... =)

8 years ago Edited
Nancy 8 years ago

Awesome captures!! Love them all...especially #5 and #10:)) Thanks for being my PB friend:))

8 years ago Edited
Sara G 8 years ago

Amazing shots, Marsha! Love all of your posts..the red poppies are my favs :-)

8 years ago Edited
Betty 8 years ago

Wow!!! Thank you so much!! This is such a beautiful set; I'm honored to be your friend and share this passion with you. These are incredible!! I love them all, but #3 may just be my very favorite!

8 years ago Edited
Lin 8 years ago

Some fantastic shots! Thanks so much for sharing!

8 years ago Edited
Nikoleta Mladenova 8 years ago

Very, very beautiful post!!

8 years ago Edited
Tom 8 years ago

I so love wildflowers more that any flower out there. Thanks lookaqgain for becoming a pb friend :)

8 years ago Edited
Chris Buchan Jones 8 years ago

beautiful set

8 years ago Edited
Camille 8 years ago

1 and 4 are fabulous !

8 years ago Edited
Péter Somogyvári 8 years ago

Beautiful !

8 years ago Edited
Kamila 8 years ago

I fell in love with # 2 & # 5 ...

8 years ago Edited
Kamila 8 years ago


8 years ago Edited
Sami 8 years ago

great macros marsha...the one num.9, in b&w I love it

8 years ago Edited
Michaå‚ 8 years ago

Flowers look better in colour mostly, but #9 is really fantastic picture, microcosmic geometry.

8 years ago Edited
Jet28 8 years ago

You are so right :-) Wonderful series!

8 years ago Edited
Peace4kidss 8 years ago

its so beautiful

8 years ago Edited
Saso63 8 years ago

Thank you for the nice message!
I am pleased to PB friend!
I love the beautiful pictures! I think a very good spirit.
A Hungarian proverb: "He loves the flower, not a bad man!"

8 years ago Edited
Rebecca Weatherford 8 years ago

Wow!!!!! What an awesome collection ..WELL SEEN AND GREAT COMP ON EACH

8 years ago Edited
Soubhagya Sagar Behera 8 years ago

these r so beautiful.... i have become an instant fan....

8 years ago Edited
Mary Brown 8 years ago

They are beautiful!

8 years ago Edited
Finbarr 8 years ago

WOW!! brilliant shots !

8 years ago Edited
Lynda 8 years ago

Fabulous macros

8 years ago Edited
Piyali 8 years ago

Great shots of these beautiful flowers..thank you so much for sharing :)

8 years ago Edited
Lys 8 years ago

Wonderful post.
Wonderful words.
It is a joy to share these moments with you.

My love for you Marsha

8 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 8 years ago

wonderful set Marsha! we enjoy each of your set!!

8 years ago Edited
Jennye 8 years ago

Oh wow!!! These are fantastic Marsha!!....and thank you!!
I always look forward to your photos!!
added #1 and 3 to my favorites

8 years ago Edited
Nayade 8 years ago

Beautiful Colors!! :) . Fantastic!

8 years ago Edited
Oscar 8 years ago

#1 went straight to my favorites...what great captures.

8 years ago Edited
Kevin 8 years ago

Beautiful collection! #6 is my fave...

8 years ago Edited
Kaitlyn 8 years ago

Everyone of these shots are beautiful. I can not choose a favorite as they are all my favorites.

8 years ago Edited
Milton Jacob 8 years ago

wow! thank u for this post. love them all. #1 goes to my fav

8 years ago Edited
Paul 8 years ago

These are wonderful photographs.......(We look forward to seeing your world every day)

8 years ago Edited
Ricardo 8 years ago

wonderful wonderful and wonderful set Marsha!
I loved all them without exceptions!!
thank you so much!

8 years ago Edited
Brian 8 years ago

Wonderful set Marsha! These are great but I have to say that the three B&W's are amazing!

8 years ago Edited
Storytaylor 8 years ago

wonderful macros.

8 years ago Edited
Jan Erik Bergfjord 8 years ago

All very beautiful. I recognize some from Norway as well.
# 9 is fantastic! And it dont even look like a flower.. :)

8 years ago Edited
Pumacat 8 years ago

really beautiful !!

8 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 8 years ago

Beautiful set!

8 years ago Edited
Pete 8 years ago

perfect set
#6 is special
I enjoy your blog

8 years ago Edited
Michael Sakowicz 8 years ago

Good golly miss molly these shots are unbelievable, Marsha.

I'm honored to be your friend - not because you and so many others share such fantastic shots amongst us, but you and many others are so caring and compassionate here in this community; and I think that is the fun and meaning of it. Cheers.

8 years ago Edited
Diane Davis 8 years ago

Me, too. Beautiful flowers and lovely writing.

8 years ago Edited
Agnes Felber 8 years ago

Though I am not "officially " among your friends, I still want to thank you for this beautiful series. Delightful!

8 years ago Edited