Road to Shambala

  • Posted Jan. 30, 2010 by Marsha Viewed 2232 times

Are you a “LOST” fan? Then you'll enjoy this….go, Hurley!!! []

Wash away my troubles,
wash away my pain
With the rain in Shambala
Wash away my sorrow,
wash away my shame
With the rain in Shambala

I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
On the road to Shambala
I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
On the road to Shambala

How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala
Tell me, how does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala []?

Here’s a collection of “roads” to go with the song, some new and some re-posts….

Below larger here. []

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    • # Jacki

      WOW, these are great. The last one is just gorgeous!! Where was it taken?

      2010.01.31 Reply Cancel

    • # Ricardo

      Wow marsha!!

      1# - This mountain!! You know how I love it! It is one of the best mountains from all over the world, in my opinion and you've just the oportunity to see it close! :)

      2# - The snow contrast makes it nice!

      3# - I remembered you posted some set similar or something like these rocks! I don't remember tho the name of that place! but surely it is gorgeous with those rock formations!

      4# - It surely is a part of the paradise! and enlarged is amazing! :)

      5# - I simply cant say anything about this one! it is just sooo on my favorites! :))

      6# - The forrest is amazing! It is nice! I would like to have many forrests like that over here! we just have hills,!

      7# - The prespective is excellent! looks like it makes the cars fall!

      8# - Beautiful scenario!

      2010.01.31 Reply Cancel

    • # Larry Nelson

      Love the shots! Beautiful places, nicely done. (Love Three Dog Night - Brenda interviewed one of them a few years ago when she was still in radio)

      2010.01.31 Reply Cancel

    • # Betty

      Wow, Marsha...these are incredible!! Love your editing, too! Hard to choose, but I think the last one is my favorite.

      2010.01.31 Reply Cancel

    • # Robel Narte

      Very nice set marsha , you are really , really good at landscape phtography ! i like the orton effect on 1 and 6 and the light multiple cross starlight peeking out of the tree! excellent set !
      Best regards ,

      2010.01.31 Reply Cancel

    • # Nancy

      Stunning roads and trails to travel! Love Paradise enlarged and the rainbow too, all are great, go Hurley:-))

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Tom

      Ohhhhhhhh WOW!! #5 is sooo awesome unbelievable!! Fantastic Shots

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Christa

      These are all great ways to Shambala, but I'm sure that the shortest two are # 5 because of the mystique, and shot 8 for its beauty.
      Good to hear that old song again!

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Helen Hooker

      Beautiful set. No.7 is amazing! The Lost references are lost on me (excuse the unintentional pun!) but I enjoyed them anyway :-)

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Jennye

      Fantastic shots!! the first and last are so beautiful!!
      Love the song....and Lost!

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Sherij

      Way kool! #5 looks so dreamy!! Wonderful views!! Loved them all!! Ya just got to love Colorado!! I mean how can ya NOT?????

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Monika

      there are no two roads which look the same and they all lead somewhere else. I`d love to walk (drive) all of these.

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Gonia

      as usual last one, but i came here for a second or two - he he - copletly no time. I like the idea Marsha!I love road and I wonder what is after this hill or bend.1st and the 6th are the best for my bike! 3rd is very suprising. one day I'll come to you and together hand in hand , bike in bike we'll go there and watch saying nothing - let's have a hope!great trip!Maggie

      2010.02.01 Reply Cancel

    • # Sara G

      My word is magnificent for them all...especially the last one, the light in the clouds...magnificent!

      2010.02.02 Reply Cancel

    • # Moira

      The rainbow is straight into my favourites , lovely set. TFS AGAIN your part of the world.

      2010.02.02 Reply Cancel

    • # Piyali

      Where is this are tempting me to go there now with such beautiful shots!! I have never seen such a beautiful rainbow as in #5..

      2010.02.03 Reply Cancel

    • # Betty

      Oh Wow!!! You made the FP!!!! A very well deserved honor! Congrats Marsha!

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Mary

      Great stuff...I'm definitely a LOST fan, but loved this song the first time it came out as well. I love all of these, but think #1 is my favorite.

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Nurul

      #5 : Love the color!

      #7 & #8 : simple beautiful!

      most congrats on FP! :-))

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Hanna Magnusson

      Great to see your beautiful photos as fp, I recognized your style right away :-) This is an amazing set and the rainbow is magical!

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Ines

      excellent set Marsha, the first and the last are my favs.!!!
      Much congrats on FP!!!

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Mike

      I must say, this is the greatest work I've seen you produce. all pics are top notch. Keep up the inspiring work. These are the kind of pics that push me to better my skills.

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Jendayee

      Spectacular post ! Love all of them with a pref for the 3rd and 8th !!! (favs)
      Bravissimo ! Congratulations ! I'm happy !
      and I agree FP well deserved

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Lys

      Dear friend, after many days I found a few minutes to enter the blog and find your wonderful picture in FP.
      Congratulations. A fabulous job

      2010.02.04 Reply Cancel

    • # Larry Nelson

      Belated congratulaions on FP! I had seen that in several comments before, but didn't know what it meant. Good job, my friend!

      2010.02.07 Reply Cancel

    • # Lynn

      WOW WOW WOW!!! I'm sorry I missed your here's my CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

      2010.02.09 Reply Cancel

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