Food Means "TI" Even for Blue Herons!

by Marsha May. 08, 2012 3838 views

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At the same pond where I shot the Frog Prince and the Goose Family there came the “icing on the cake.”
A blue heron flew in, perched in a tree, and the rest is history.

Very important to scan the area from above for danger while looking for a place to fish.

Keep a keen eye out! Diligence will pay off!

Ah…success in locating a safe place! Now patience…patience…

More patience….waiting…..waiting….here, fishy, fishy!

Aha!!!! I see you….here I come!!!


It's lunchtime!

What a tasty morsel you will be!

Down you go….GULP! It's nice to be nearer to the top than to the bottom of the food chain!

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Goldbrandi 5 years ago


5 years ago Edited
Maz 5 years ago

STUNNING captures! I'm glad I went back through your entries to see this. Really amazing captures!

5 years ago Edited
Leslie 5 years ago

[i]"It's nice to be nearer to the top than to the bottom of the food chain!"[/i]

No truer words were ever spoken.
Exquisite shots.

5 years ago Edited
Jon Laysell 5 years ago

Fabulous set Marsha - unless you're the goldfish ;-)

5 years ago Edited
Sherij 5 years ago

Great Big Blue shots! Dang what a catch! Super actions shots too!! Could you imagin trying to catch a fish like that. Herons don't spear their food they use their bills like bb-que tongs! I think I would starve if I had to fish that way!!! Hi-5 to you!!!!

5 years ago Edited
Sadhya Rippon 5 years ago

Excellent set Marsha, particularly if you are [u]not[/u] a little fish.
The sequence really tells the story.

5 years ago Edited
Ann Garratty 5 years ago

An amazing sequence of photos, they are very good fishermen, and beautiful birds... the owner of the pond is going to be hacked off when they do a head count and find one of their prize shubinkins is missing though!

5 years ago Edited
Pandka 5 years ago


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Roxanne 5 years ago


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Mark 5 years ago

These are just amazing captures of feeding time for Mr GBH! Thanks for sharing this great sequence of your wonderful experience! Perfect for the theme!

5 years ago Edited
Eric J H Joyce 5 years ago

Can't choose a favorite, to many great shots.

5 years ago Edited
Brenda Nelson 5 years ago

These are remarkable shots of this pretty guy dining out! I like the cropped photo in #2 and the action shot in #6. Did you use the "sports continuous" setting for those?

5 years ago Edited
Felecia 5 years ago

I can't even believe you captured these. . . not to sound like I have doubts about your photographic abilities, but they're just incredible! Crazy girlfriend! Great job!!!!

5 years ago Edited
Sara G 5 years ago

Marsha, you have really outdone yourself this time!! What gorgeous captures..I know you were ecstatic to get these shots! Going to work for National Geographic? (Just now read Dan's post) Great minds....

5 years ago Edited
Finbarr 5 years ago

WOW!!! amazing

5 years ago Edited
Rob Gant 5 years ago

No Time At All Today Working Late, Just Passing By To Say Great Set & Ill Catch up To You All Soon

5 years ago Edited
Dorothe 5 years ago

Great set! Fantastic sharpness.

5 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 5 years ago

Lol, that was a substantial lunch for him! Fantastic set :-)

5 years ago Edited
Dunja 5 years ago

Exquisite shots! Really very nice set Marsha !!! :)

5 years ago Edited
Gonia 5 years ago

splendid Marsha! he is star! poor fish!

5 years ago Edited
Jennifer Litwinowicz 5 years ago

great shots!

5 years ago Edited
Astrid 5 years ago

great set...

5 years ago Edited
Christa 5 years ago

Herons are so elegant and having the luck to catch one ot them so close is really a great found. Wonderful shots.

5 years ago Edited
David Swatton 5 years ago

Great timing - nicely done :-)

5 years ago Edited
Gregg Maretka 5 years ago

What an awesome awesome set !!

5 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 5 years ago

fantastic set Marsha! 7 in my favs!

5 years ago Edited
Jacki 5 years ago

What a great sequence!! You DID get lucky! I like the edit on the last entry too.

5 years ago Edited
Darlene Foster 5 years ago

Fabulous captures, one and all, Marsha!

5 years ago Edited
Peace4kidss 5 years ago

Watching fish leave the water by her old friend
that's gr8 shot

5 years ago Edited
Mike Meliska 5 years ago

Great shots for TI...

5 years ago Edited

Just ....AWESOME! as Dan says!! I love this set! and put nr 8 in favorites :)

5 years ago Edited
Sandra Vermeulen 5 years ago

What a super catch ... for both of you!

5 years ago Edited
Pete 5 years ago

awesome catch wow stunning photos with the action and I love the detail and light in #1

5 years ago Edited