Unique Family Story from the Holidays

by Marsha January. 14, 2019 232 views

The family-related event I'm sharing is something of a rarity. The two couples in the picture contain two siblings and their spouses. The two siblings, standing towards the back, wearing black are my older brother and me. What’s the big deal, you ask? Two days before this picture was taken, my brother and I met for the first time. We’d gone our whole lives knowing nothing about each other, until DNA results opened the door and the truth was known. My brother was born, then adopted and lived his life not knowing anything about his biological father. His father, my father, now gone, was not aware of his existence either. After the DNA test and contacts with family were made, including my sister and younger brother, we made arrangements to meet our new family members and to welcome them with open arms. So they are part of the family now and it’s nothing less than an unexpected blessing for all of us.

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