Lady Moose

by Marsha September. 27, 2020 357 views

The county road from the tiny town of Jefferson, Colorado to Jefferson Lake travels through moose country with a few rustic campgrounds along the way. Don’t always spot moose but while there on Monday got lucky enough to photograph two of them having a snack of leaves and a drink. Would have gotten more pictures but a big pickup with out-of-state plates came roaring down the road and when the dust cleared the moose were long gone up the mountain. They were in the road when we first got there...shudder to think what would have happened if they’d still been there when the truck came along. Thank goodness, most visitors coming into our state respect the land, wildlife, and natural beauty of Colorado. Others, unfortunately, just don’t seem to get it.

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How far away were you from this magnificent creature?  Looks like you were right there. Super image Marsha

1 year ago Edited
Marsha Replied to Gone Fishing Without A Pole 12 months ago

Hey yeah, BB, moose are the most dangerous to humans wildlife in Colorado. Always take care. So she was standing in water maybe 20 -30 yards from the road. I kept the car with door open (just in case) between us while shooting. Zoom lens....voila!

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Marsha Replied to Marsha 12 months ago

Oh, and appreciate your liking the pic 😁

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Goshaa 1 year ago

It is very pretty! Greetings! Maggie

1 year ago Edited
Marsha Replied to Goshaa 12 months ago

Thanks much, dear friend!

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Antonio Gil 1 year ago

When I visited Canada I was also lucky enough to have spotted a moose by the road. So cool

1 year ago Edited
Marsha Replied to Antonio Gil 12 months ago

Yes, that is so cool, Antonio! Glad you had the experience.

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