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Moved to Colorado in the summer of 2008 and took up this new hobby. Iâ??m lucky to be in a fantastic area for snapping nature and landscape shots which I truly enjoy!

About my profile name - when I was teaching Iâ??d often lead the students in creative thinking activities. In one such lesson weâ??d go from seeing a simple circle as a ball or a sphere to seeing it in more varied, interesting and creative ways - like looking down on the top of a bald manâ??s head! My encouragement to them would be â??look again!â?

My attempt when I go out shooting is to try and apply this process to photography. Look again and again for that one special, interesting and creative shot! You know what I mean!

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and encouragement. Iâ??ve learned and benefited from every one of you - and now Iâ??ll go back to viewing your wonderful posts!


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