Well Fed

by Larry Sample September. 10, 2012 3701 views

Seems to be plenty of fish left. Perhaps he's gone vegan?

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Carrie 5 years ago

A worthy foe

5 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 5 years ago

He's changing colours. Maybe the fish made him a congestion.

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Olivia 5 years ago

Fantastic focus!

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Christa 5 years ago

Great and neat shot, it seems that you have a special attraction to frogs.

5 years ago Edited
Monika 5 years ago

is he still alive? great!

5 years ago Edited
Francesc 5 years ago

Wow!! Fantatic capture...

5 years ago Edited
Josy 5 years ago

He's really magnificent..... Did you make the account of your fishes Larry? :))))))))

5 years ago Edited
Glo 5 years ago

hahahha!! there are so many twists to this tale! love this cool shot!

5 years ago Edited
Astrid 5 years ago

super. :)

5 years ago Edited
Shaghayegh Yassemi 5 years ago

hum... he is seriously thinking about... ?! : )

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Sandra Vermeulen 5 years ago

Haha, vegan frog!!
He sure looks healthy!!

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Sadhya Rippon 5 years ago

He looks ready to explode. Keep your camera ready, it would make a great shot!

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Stormfish 5 years ago

strange features on this frog. the circle behind its eyes... is that the organg that produces all the noise? and the odd "buckle on his back... those the bones it needs for jumping?

in any case... you seem to be too soft hearted to kick the bugger out of your pond. not sure if i shall tease you as a wimp or praise you as an animal protector... ;-)

5 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 5 years ago

Lol, I couldn't decide if he was real or not to start with!

5 years ago Edited
Paolo Martini 5 years ago

a great shot Larry !

5 years ago Edited
Finbarr 5 years ago

Brilliant shot !!

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Ann Garratty 5 years ago

Aaah! The great Hannibal, perhaps he has learnt the error of his ways and come to appreciate that a lesser man would have got rid of him a long time ago... or perhaps the fish have grown wise... or perhaps he has in fact gone vegan... but whatever the reason, I am very happy for your fish...

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Noor Fithriya 5 years ago

that's a huge one...are you sure you counted all the fish?

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Sara G 5 years ago

That's a fine specimen of a froggy..great detail..

5 years ago Edited
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