Creating surreal art with photos

by Lucas Westcoat January. 22, 2017 457 views

I just took an online tutorial based on the process of shooting and editing photos with the intent of creating more artistic pieces. One of the standard composite photos is a "levitation." To practice, I thought I'd take a stab at this common composite. The below is my first attempt. I learned a ton as I worked through the edit. There are a ton of things I'd do differently to improve this, but I thought I'd share anyway. See below.

my composite photo made up of 8 different photos

I started off with a main shot of the model (my wife), leaning back. This would serve as the main shot upon which I build the rest. I took several photos of the different pieces I needed (legs, hair, hips, etc.). I also used a couple stock photos to add to the drama and art of the shot.

this is the original shot upon which I blended the others

It's actually a ton of fun if you like to tinker in photoshop. I'm already thinking of what I want to do next. Any ideas?

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Ram Ya 1 year ago

Wow, amazing talent. Which course did you follow to do these?
I love the story you got out from this shot. The smoke and darkened atmosphere go very well together.

As per ideas, you should make her fly into the room! And you could have few items in the room levitate as well.

I saw this picture before where the subject was levitating while stirring a pot while reading a recipe from the other hand. She had some small items levitate as well, a salt shaker, few pots...etc. I bet these shoots take a lot of time.

As always, thanks for sharing!

1 year ago Edited
Lucas Westcoat Replied to Ram Ya 1 year ago

It was the Brooke Shaden compositing course from creative live. Highly recommend! Thanks for the thoughts, I'm definitely looking to do more of this soon!

1 year ago Edited