Mother's Day in the Sun

by Lucas Westcoat May. 22, 2017 1824 views

If you've never been to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, you're missing out. It is a largely green place. The biggest cities are sandwiched between the Cascade mountain range to the east and the Olympic mountain range to the west. Between Seattle and the Olympic mountain range is Puget Sound; a large body of water that serves as home to a smattering of islands. 

Now it's true that the weather for much of the year is gloomy and drab. Drizzly rain showers, mixed with generally gray days can be a tremendous drag by mid-winter, and locals find themselves tracking consecutive days since the sun was last visible. Yet, we all soon forget those dark days when spring showers give way to clear blue skies and water, where the mountains are visible from everywhere and the greenery seems to glow in the yellow sunshine.

My parents recently retired to a piece of land on one such island, tucked away in the southern portion of Puget Sound. There, they built a cedar home on the shoreline. It's become the preferred destination for family gatherings and relaxed retreats. The latest of these gathering was over Mother's Day. My mom and I took a walk through the series of trails surrounding the property and later welcomed some of my extended in-laws for a brunch. These photos are from the weekend of nature, sunshine, and maternal appreciation. 

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