Father of Boys

by Lucas Westcoat February. 10, 2020 283 views

Parenting sometimes sucks. If that sounds controversial to you, then you're probably not a parent. This isn't to say I don't like parenthood overall, because I love my boys and would do anything for their safety and well-being. Sometimes we all need a break.

Our family circumstances are such that my wife works in the home and spends most of the day with our two boys (4 and 2 years old), while I spend my days at the office. This means that she both deserves and needs breaks to find balance. She's an incredibly patient person, so when she reaches the point when she takes some time away, she really needs it and I'm all for it.

She had one such day away this past Saturday. The boys and I spent some time expending energy at an indoor play space (we live in the rainy pacific northwest, making outdoor shenanigans a challenge in the winter). When we returned home, we played together in the house. The boys are now both at ages where they're beginning to play together. This is an incredibly adorable thing to witness (most of the time), and this milestone has the additional benefit of allowing me to stand back with my camera and document the two of them in action.

Indeed sometimes parenthood is frustrating and energy-draining, and then there are times where you see the people they're becoming and it gives you joy, hope, and purpose.

Here are some favorites.

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