Cast off....

by Luckyone18 March. 19, 2010 516 views

Yes.. School was okay. I think I did okay on my French test, quiz thing! Haha! :D Yeah.. Then we got to finally practice at my regular school and not the middle school.. like on the nice turf! It's was good, even though I didn't practice.. :) Haha! But the best thing EVER.. was when my mom took my cast off.. It was soo nice feeling, I got to itch my arm and then I washed it! :D Hahaha! I hated that.. And Yes!! I can straighten it. :) Hahah! But it's all red, and I put a cloth around my elbow. :) Haha! I like my arms NOT contempt and not being able to even brush my own hair.. Hahah! That is sad.. :(

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