Not 1 but 2!!

by Luckyone18 April. 02, 2010 466 views

Okay. Day was ended at 12:05. School is out and we are rockin'! Yes! :D So.. it was an awesome day. My first time getting a B on a French quiz this year. Then going out and taking pictures. :) Then going home and getting ready for a nervous game. Okay, I get to my school (we are playing Redondo.) and like 5 people are there. 4 more come. Yes! We have 9. 3 short. Okay. Game time! Last player comes! We have 10!! :DD Yes! Happy with only 2 players short. We go into the game. Omg! My heart is racing like CRAZY!!! We are playing the best team in the league. Like wow! 5 seconds into the game. They get a goal. And another! Then like 7 more. We are losing. 0-7. Wow. FINALLY we get a goal! Then they get one! Another. 1-10. Dying we survive the first half. We get back out there. We get a goal!! Yes! They get 2. :( THEN!!! SUDDENLY! Siana running up the field to X. Quick cut and I GET A GOAL!!!! I AM SPEECH LESS!! Like all I want to do is run! And jumb! But no! Everyone says “Great goal.” and we get back out there. It's now 3-11. We are dying. Then they get a goal.. It's okay. We are surviving! :D We go out there! AND I get a pass. Run it to goal and go!! I SHOT!! I SCORE!!! YES!!! Another goal!!! YES!!! Haha! WOO! I am over joyed! They get 2 goals! Whatever. 4-13. Last minute to go. Then we got another goal!! 5-13! Last 5 seconds! Goal! They got another! 5-14. End game! We lost in reality! But in our hearts, we were the winners! :D And that was the BEST game EVER.! :D

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