by Luckyone18 April. 09, 2010 283 views

Today was a good day. I started Driver's Ed. Again. And got to Unit 3. :) Haha! Then I went to the market with my dad to get a croissant and cookies and ice tea! Yummy! :) Haha! Yes! Then we went in the FREEZING cold to the get a movie. They didn't have it! :( So we went home. Then we went on my brother's X-Box to watch a movie because he has Netflix on there. :) First we watched a lame thing of the Jetsons. We didn't even get to the middle of it. Then we watched just the game part of “Slap Shot.” Then we watched PEE-WEE BIG ADVENTURE! :D Haha! It was SUPER funny! I liked it a lot! LoL! Yeah.. Good movie! Watch it! :). Then we played a little joke on my brother. And watched Barney. Because on the X-Box Live people can see what you are doing and you can invite people to watch movies with you. So we invited his girlfriend and other friends to watch Barney! Haha! I don't really know if it will work! Haha! I hope it does! :)

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