by Luckyone18 June. 03, 2010 427 views

Wow.. Today is my last full Thursday of school! :) Yaya! And in Bio! We dissected a baby pig that wasn't even born yet! I have to say, it was actually REALLY cute! Haha! Like no joke! Super cute! Then English.. Nothing happened.. Well, I knew nothing would.. But nevermind.. Long story. Haha! I am leaving you hangin'! Then art was funny! Emily totally called out Hannah today. And was like “Did you talk sh** about me for leaving early.. And blah?” And Hannah just said no. Then Mrs. Moeller was like “Okay. Stop it! That's enough.” It was soo funny! And I finished my father's day gift. I really like it. It's a bunch of penguins.. Picture will be later.. :) And then I just sat and basically did nothing.. :) I just hanged out, helping Caroline with her homework.. It was fun.. :) And I skipped fencing because my dad was so late to take me, so there was no point to go. :) Then now I have family issues.. and it's REALLY bad. Like no money bad! :! I am scared for that.. and for my finals all next week. Ahh! Stress! NOO! Okay. Time to go. Byes! XOXO

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