Hurt my foot..??

by Luckyone18 July. 13, 2010 450 views

Okay.. school was just crazy boring.. like no joke but it was finally summer!! Like it's almost the end of summer and it finally feels like summer! Yaya! :D Haha! So after school.. Kristine & I, of course, go to the beach and hang out.. we walked 2 miles down the beach! WOO! Sadly.. no Ben & friend.. :( but we got good exercise.. then walking home was insane.. I was wearing shoes that hurt so bad.. I got two calluses, two cuts on my toes again, & a big cut thing on the bottom of my foot from walk in those shoes without socks! Never again will I walk in those!! I get home and I can barely walk, so I don't go to fencing.. but from 5:30 to 11:17.. I fell asleep.. I didn't wake up for dinner or nothing.. so at 11:30 pm.. I finally had dinner… PB&J! YUM! Haha! and that was nice but painful day!

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