Pv vs. South (Jv)

by Luckyone18 September. 23, 2010 390 views

Today started out okay. Drawing in the morning, more modeling.. :) I actually liked my thing! :D Haha! :D Then at the end of the period, we got back our portraits! 90%!!! WHAT!!! I SPENT MY WHOLE WEEKEND ON THAT TO GET A 90!!!! I SERIOUSLY HATE HER!! She doesn't even know art!!! Gosh! Then French, we had a quiz! My name was on the quiz!! :D:D WOO! Haha! Like in the question! :D Yes! I was so happy for that! :D Then I helped Fransico, again, on his quiz. Haha! :D Then we continued watching this really intense movie! It is getting so much better! I love it! Lunch was okay! I had soda! That was me, being so stupid, because I had lacrosse next! Wow! I had a stomach ache the whole time. We ran 5 laps around the field! Ahh! With soda in me! Not good! Then we did intense ground balls! This freshie hit me in the shin super had, it hurt to walk like I had shin-split! Ahh! Huge bruise coming! Then I saw Kyle!! :D He is a cheerleader for South & it was Jv's game today! :D He was there! Hahaha! :D:D!! Yay! Don't know if we won or not.. but who cares! :) Then my day goes on.. watched Allstar Weekend Live on ustream. Then went to fencing.. & forgot my shoes! Yay.. :/ It was terrible.. When my coach & I were fencing, I like was about to cry, he looked like he was mad at me because I couldn't lunge or goes fast. It's hard in flat shoes! Hhaha! Then called my dad & left! Bad day there! :( Then home.. eat, shower, homework, sleep. :)

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