7 Year Old Quoting "Hang Over"? :O

by Luckyone18 September. 28, 2010 561 views

Today was not as hot as yesterday. It was hard to sleep last night because it was so hot. I got to school at 7:58! D: 2 minutes before I was going to be late! I wasn't! :D Haha! Algebra we had a quiz.. I felt so on my game today! :D Then Chem was an easy day. Today was Club Rush. It was lame. I didn't sign up for anything. :) Haha! Didn't feel like it! Then English was boring. Haha! More stupid Lord of Flies! Blah.. Then home! :D Then did really nothing. Fencing was hot! After my lesson, Kyle and I just chatted and laughed! Yeah.. we fence! Haaha! I was thinking of quitting in January.. but now I'm not sure.. I might wait until next September.. :? Don't know yet.. :) Then home again. Shower. Then now finally doing homework.. Haha! :D

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