Today was a strange day. I was a supposed witness to a bank robbery and some other stuff happened. Anyway, it was quite a nice evening. My 14, 2 1/2 weeks…

I am finally feeling better. I hung out with Lucy in the backyard after work. What a gorgeous day!

I felt real yucky yesterday and part of today. So I didn't have a lot of motivation going. Oh well, s*!& happens!

We had a nice long weekend at the beach. No phones, no rushing, we slept in and ate out and the weather was great. Half the places we ate had the word “Dirty”…

These folks were patiently waiting to get in to a club or to get tickets to get in tonight. I have no idea who they were waiting to see!

My computer acted up again Sunday but it's working again. So, here are pics from Sunday and Monday.