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Stormfish 11 years ago

i'd rather live on a hot planet than on a cold planet. i'd rather have heat burning me up than cold freezing my blood. i'd rather have the illusion of refuge than no illusion at all. :-)

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Monika 11 years ago

and there in the promise (or illusion) of refuge on each of the images: the sea, a shade, a word (liquid/ation?), a painting, a yellow water hose

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Wiresnail 11 years ago

na ebből ma itt is volt rendesen... mármint forró kánikulából, sajnos a pálmafák hiányoztak :)
az első különösen jópofa!

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Edyta 11 years ago

colours of the summer sky: clear blue and the white of fluffy clouds; perfect composition in all of these but #3 is my favourite

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Á G N E S 11 years ago

"Kicsiben" az ötös szólított meg, közelebbről a harmadik hevít. ;-) Az egyes szinte már kiolvadt - vagy eredendően is fekszik? Nem fáztok, az látszik! Legalább a napon nem!

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Xabolcs 11 years ago

My favorite #3... #4. + the icing on the cake...;)

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John Wright 11 years ago

I find #4 most striking. They are all in harmony with your title

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Alyssa 11 years ago

i love the third down, but i feel like it'd look even better with the car cropped out, but it looks great :)

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