by Lyency March. 29, 2012 3697 views
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Edyta 5 years ago

it makes mi dizzy ;)

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Roxanne 5 years ago

oh a carousel
i find them spooky but are drawn in every time

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Stormfish 5 years ago

lol... looks like doncingdolphin has similar difficulties to "pin" this and more or your pictures lately to the all-too well known, very obvious "lyency style". i consider this a good sign (for my own sanity and your change) :-)

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Jacki 5 years ago

Who hijacked Lyency's blog??!!

I love carousels but I sometime wonder if anyone ever looks CLOSELY at those horses which frankly don't look real friendly with their bared teeth!! 8^)

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Herczegl 5 years ago

- kész O/A
- emlékszem... nem ülhettem még fel, de bántam...
- lehet, hogy én is kimegyek a lizsébe
- teccik, remélem több van...

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Xabolcs 5 years ago

egyfélékre gondolunk... magam is lovakról és egyéb díszletekről kattintgattam vázlatokat a napokban :)

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Hong S 5 years ago


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