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There are a dozen of colorful framed music sheets from last century decorating my bath room. mostly with happy girls on the cover page. they do not care about me when taking my morning douche. I know they are there but I do not pay too much attention to them either, as it is the case with all the posters, photographs, paintings hanging on the wall in the house. even if I see them all the time, I can not recall any, eyes closed, how they look like

self-quarantining changes everything. one has time to watch the pictures thoroughly, might have the idea taking photographs of them, and search for a few stories behind the composers, the singers, the publishers

ERNO - hey, it is almost a Hungarian first name, it is enough to write the last character with double accent: ERNŐ. who might be this guy? the family name does not sound Hungarian, it is more like French: RÂPÉE = grated

What Price Glory? — a 1926 American silent film

Sherman, Clay & Co. San Francisco — a retailer of musical instruments and a publisher and seller of sheet music founded in 1853 and closed in 2013

Ernő Rapée — a concert pianist, conductor, composer - and yes, a Hungarian-American born in Estonia

Lew Pollack — Songwriters Hall of Fame, 1970

Paul Ash — son of immigrant parents from Eastern-Europe, he extended his fathers' Brooklyn business to the famous Sam Ash music store network — by the way, he never played on any instrument

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