reconciliation in green

by -- Lyency April. 15, 2020 380 views

if there’s a color that comes out better in black and white than in any overvalued color photo, it’s the green color

aggressive, rude, deceptive, provocative - this is the most gentle I could say - green is just an unnatural color

the feeling immediately struck me right after I bought my first digital camera, a LUMIX, when looking at my very first shots, and it has been going on ever since

master David, my photography mentor, laughed many times - I deliberately annoyed him - even though, as an artist, he must have known very well what I was thinking of

there are moments when I think, it is not the color that is responsible, but the world and the people in it who have become villains, rude, aggressive.

or have they always been like that, even before black and white?

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Eva2009 9 months, 2 weeks ago

nice grinning

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-- Lyency Replied to Eva2009 9 months, 2 weeks ago


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