by Marie Antonnette Suson January. 17, 2018 255 views

"Fake faces"


I've heard a lot of bad comments about them. People think they are just simply korean pop idols but they are not. If you just listen to their songs, you can realize how hard it is to be in their places.

At first, the Bighit Company, was in a middle of financial problems. Some of their trainees left due to that but they stayed. They remained strong and continued the path that they choose to take.

You might not understand what their songs because we all have different languages, but just by looking at their music videos or listening to their songs, you can feel the real message because I believe that music is everybody's language.

Their songs are for those people who suffered depression and anxiety but in every music video, their ending is always them hanging out together, laughing together and overcoming their psychological problems together. They showed the people that being able to handle those problems is a sign of being strong. And when you are strong, you can smile endlessly even though you are suffering deep inside.

They are the kind of people who think about ARMYS (fandom name) or even other people including their haters. They mentioned that if there are 26 alphabet letters and BTS will be erased, the remaining letters would be 19. Why? Because they always take their ARMYS with them.

They encourage people to live to the fullest and to never stop dreaming. According to Kim Taehyung (a BTS member), you are too young to let the world break you and according to Jeon Jungkook (a BTS member), you will regret if you don't do your best now.

According to BTS,


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