Den Alerdinck, Heino

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The name Alerdinck was first mentioned in an estimate register from 1427. A hundred years later, the first mention was as a farm; both Groot and Klein Alerdinck were owned by one Jacob Rouse from Deventer. In 1648 it was recognized as a manor house, in 1654 the house was declared knightly. In 1797 Den Alerdinck was sold by the heirs of Derk F. van Voorst tot Bergentheim to Bernardus J. van Sonsbeeck, a marker founder of the Marken Lenthe and Dalmsholte who was active as a politician.

Van Sonsbeeck then bought all kinds of land, making the estate 200 hectares in size around 1865. [source?] He also commissioned garden architect J.D. Zocher to lay out an English garden. After Bernardus' death, son Herman van Sonsbeeck inherited the manor in 1858. He was a former Minister of Foreign Affairs and R.K. Worship services in the Cabinet-Thorbecke I. After his death in 1865, the estate was administered as an undivided estate for three years.

In the summer of 1868, 200 hectares, divided into 54 lots, were publicly auctioned. [1] The former manor, with surrounding park, some woodland plots and lands, was bought by Coenraad Willem baron van Dedem. The rest of the estate (approximately 160 hectares), which from then on was called Landgoed Den Alerdinck II, was inherited by Pauline F.E.M. van Sonsbeeck, granddaughter of Herman van Sonsbeeck. [2]

Her youngest son, Godfried baron van Voorst tot Voorst, inherited the estate in 1939. His widow, Louise J.T.M. Baroness van Voorst to Voorst – Smits van Oyen, had the estate Den Alerdinck II divided among their two sons. Part of this was housed in an estate company in 1987, the other part continued under the name Het Bouwhuis, after an old farmhouse on the estate.

The manor remained the property of the Van Dedem family for over a century.

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