Estate: "De Kranenkamp" Diepenveen

by Maarten Hoedeman February. 28, 2021 212 views

The history of De Kranenkamp dates back to 1401. In that year sisters founded a women's monastery in Diepenveen. The nuns are working on the reclamation of the area and are expanding the cultivated land to "De Kranenkamp".

In 1600 Johan ter Bruggen builds a farm in this traditionally wet area. The Jacobson family, mayor of Deventer, had a country house built here around 1700. Paths and avenues are being constructed and a pond is being dug in front of the house.

The country house is demolished in 1935 to build a new house in its place. Because of the war none of those plans come to fruition. Today's eye-catchers are the park, the house with the former farm, the gamekeeper's house and the old hunting lodge. The pond is also still prominent. On the shore is a sweet chestnut. The story goes that this tree was planted in 1727.

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