Former pier "Kop van 't Ende", Elburg

by Maarten Hoedeman May. 10, 2021 87 views

The former pier is called Kop van 't Ende. It is located at the end of the approximately one and a half kilometer long harbor channel. This canal was dug to prevent the continuous silting. In the last century, rubble was used for the construction of the stone breakwaters, which was available due to the demolition of the city's defenses. On the so-called Westkop there was a harbor light that, together with the lantern on the Vischpoort, formed a marker for the fishermen at sea at night and at dawn. The harbor master had to switch on the harbor light at nightfall. This work also had to be done during storms. During the reclamation of Eastern Flevoland, the pier was honored as a monument. The province of Flevoland took the initiative in 1988 to restore the situation before 1956, so that a piece of history is once again made visible.

History of Kop van 't Ende

In 1853 the breakwaters were extended. On the new pier (west head), the municipal authorities placed a kerosene lamp of the “skipper-top lantern” type. The harbor master had the task to light this lantern every evening. In addition, the lamp had to be refilled every time. During stormy weather it happened regularly that the lights went out. The harbourmaster then had to go back to the pier again and again to ignite the light. The northern pier was not equipped with a coastal light. In 1947 the kerosene lantern on the Kop van 't Ende was replaced by a gas light. The fishing association had insisted many times in previous years for a well-functioning coastal light. The flashing light was on day and night from that time on. The large cylinder contained gas for several years.

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