Hoefslagpaal nr. 46, Harculo

by Maarten Hoedeman July. 11, 2021 107 views

Of the 87 bluestone "hoefslagpalen" placed in 1760 on the basis of the decree of Ridderschap en Steden van Overijssel of 21 March 1759, only a few remain. The "Hoefslagpalen" have been placed to replace wooden poles. The numbers on the "hoefslagpalen" and the distances stated on the poles correspond to the data in the dike books. The "hoefslagpalen" bounded maintenance sections of the Salland dike. All other "hoefslagpalen" that have been present in The Netherlands have disappeared. Because stone piles were used in Salland and were not removed according to plan, a number of them survived the war and the reinforcement of the dikes.

Hoefslagpaal 46 is one of the two poles that are located on the IJssel on Zwolle territory. The hexagonal pole has the inscription: R 148 V 6 D 6.

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