Pumping station, Harculo Power plant

by Maarten Hoedeman July. 14, 2021 138 views

The Centrale Harculo, also called the IJsselcentrale after the former owner and builder, was a power station on the river IJssel near the hamlet of Harculo in the Overijssel municipality of Zwolle. The power plant was an initiative of the NV Electriciteitsfabriek 'IJsselcentrale' in Zwolle. In the last years of its existence, it was owned, along with six other power stations in the Netherlands, by Engie Nederland, formerly Electrabel.

The power station was designed by the engineering firm De Gruyter from Zwolle. In 1955 the two coal-fired turbines with associated chimneys were put into operation. Three more turbines were built between 1961 and 1972, so that the power station finally had five chimneys. The third unit was suitable for burning coal and fuel oil. The fourth unit from 1964 was suitable for burning fuel oil. The two oldest units were converted from coal to fuel oil and natural gas in 1971. In 1973 the third unit was converted to burn natural gas. The first turbine was shut down in 1981. As of 1998, two more units were in service. The three chimneys of the other turbines were then demolished. In 2010, one of the two remaining chimneys was still in use. In 2012, the last unit for the generation of electricity was shut down for reasons of profitability. In emergencies, the unit was sometimes started up. In 2015 this unit was finally decommissioned.

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