Lighthouse Nieuwe Sluis

by Maarten Hoedeman July. 27, 2021 86 views

The lighthouse was designed by Quirinus Harder and was built in 1867. The octagonal tower, painted black and white, stands on the seawall at the entrance of the Western Scheldt. The tower has a height of 22.4 meters and has five floors. It is part of a series of lights that mark the end of the Scheldt and guide shipping traffic between the North Sea and Antwerp.

This tower is the oldest existing cast iron lighthouse in the Netherlands, after the Noord-Schouwen Laag lighthouse in Renesse was demolished in 1915 and the cast iron beacon at the Flaauwe Werk near Ouddorp disappeared in 1911. The tower did not always have black and white bands, but was first yellow and then was provided with red and white bands. The optics of the tower were designed by Barbier, Bénard & Turenne. The light house contains a copper dome.

Originally, the lighthouse as a high light was part of a light line with an open light curb that was built at the same time as the lighthouse at 't Killetje in Nieuwesluis.

During the Second World War, the lighthouse was out of service for some time and then provided with camouflage colours. After the war, the light was only re-ignited in 1951. The lighthouse then received a light that counts one eclipse every ten seconds.

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