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When you think about traditional, what comes to your mind? I am sure you thought about Safi in Morocco and I am going to no judge you: this is actually the most traditional thing you will find in here. So, essentially Safi has shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and this is a lovely place. If you wish to see more traditional things, there are many things you can certainly do. When you walk around, you will find many souks and in those souks you will see traditional dresses which are actually beautiful. Perhaps you can get one of these and have fun! 

If you know about Safi, you need to know why is well-known for. So, if I say Safi I understand that you will think about pottery. Pottery is actually famous here which is also really beautiful. You can get some pottery here in Safi. The artisans do such a great work doing these pottery's numerous colors, rainbows and things like that. This is actually the beauty of metropolis and if you need to defend myself against of these, you are welcomed to have them. There are some private exhibitions that you can go to and you'll fall in love with the pottery in here even though you though you would not like it. If you are a food lover you may know that Morocco offers amazing food and everybody knows about any of it. 

Eating in Le Filet du Pêcheur Numéro 17 is amazing. La Colline des Potiers is an excellent place if you would like to see how ceramic is manufactured by hand. If you're lucky, you will find a person that will guide you in the place and will invite you to see how he works in ceramic. Things here aren't too expensive which means you can even buy pottery or tagines. Also, people here are different and that means you will finally find people that are not wanting money on a regular basis. This is basically the best place where you can travel around time and you can see how everything is performed. You may get a good price if you know how to good deal, so be familiar with that and have fun! If you're looking for more places to go to you can travel to Le plus Grand Tagine Du Monde. 

That is a unique place in which you'll get the opportunity to know kind people. The tagine is huge and good embellished. So, this is basically a mandatory stop if you are planing a trip to Safi. You can certainly get here and you will take pictures of it too. If you wish to have different activities, you should definitely come here. 

Everywhere you decide to go in Saf? is good but this place is unusual and different and that means you can try arriving here too. 

So, when you visit Safi, do not try the easiest things and follow this advice when going to another city. Do the best things and do some research. Hopefully with these activities you will have another type of experience in this beautiful city. 

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such an interesting much color and variety in the scene.....btw thank you so much for taking an interest in my webpage

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