Duck Train

by Maistreview May. 15, 2008 726 views

As I was walking out of school yesterday, I saw this mama duck and all of her little ducklings waddling across the lawn. It had to be Quacky Jackie, who left her nest sometime Friday or Saturday. The little ones could barely make it onto the sidewalk - they were so cute. I only had my little point and shoot, which was too bad. I'll try to bring my nice camera again tomorrow in case I see them.
Also, our neighbor got a new fence today. It looks very nice and blocks off the muddy backyard of the rental next to her house. The birds like it too…photo op! :)

A pileup!

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Neffijer 9 years ago

adorable duckling photos! The daffodil is beautiful as well.

9 years ago Edited