Stress relief

by Maistreview July. 25, 2008 1084 views

There's nothing like thai food with two people you love, a little goofiness with your sister, and a hug from your partner to make the worries of the day a little lighter.
When C and K picked me up for dinner, we all started laughing because, once again, K and I were wearing the same outfit. This happens almost weekly, and always by accident. Great minds must think alike, or at least sisters. So we had to be my picture of the day, but since I had to take it, we used the mirror (which now I realize needs to be cleaned!)

This was about 5 pictures into the series, and I like it.

Yep, this is me falling over as I took the picture

This was the one we were going for…trying to look tough in our sleeveless hoodies.

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