Down by the sea side

by Malika Dahl February. 18, 2017 607 views
Little white dreams

This dove was looking dreamily out to the city, probably wondering what food it could steal from moony tourists today

innocent city

This statue can be found in Campello in Spain.

Palomas al mar

This lovely dove couple was staring at me bewildered while I approached them step by step. Soon after this photo the black and white one left the handrail and left the white one behind.

Can you hear the sea?

We thought the shell was empty when we found it at the beach. Soon after taking this photo we realised it wasn't empty at all. A little crab inhabited the shell, but sadly didn't come out enough for me to take a photo of it. So we threw it back into the water


These algae with a marginal growth are the center piece of my research work at uni this semester. So no wonder, that my camera is filled with photos of these stunning species.

By now you probably realized I love structures. How amazing do these rocks look?

And one more photo of these amazing rocks from Santa Pola harbour.

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