When you follow your steps...

by Malika Dahl February. 26, 2017 186 views

Today I decided to go for a walk with one of our friends. Destination Beach, Stops: everything that passes my lens. This shot I like because of the art on the restaurant. It's kinda old school, don't you think?

Just across the street of the pizzeria is a nightclub which features these cute wall paints.

My friend and I walked down the esplanade towards the beach. Here, a lot of people enjoy the afternoon sun with their friends and a cuppa coffee.

Arriving at the beach we witnessed an amazing mix of blue colours and a wonderful soft spring/sea breeze.

On our way to this beautiful hook of land at the end of the beach I sunk my feet into mud and algae. Luckily it wasn't really cold and I was able to save my camera from any water or mud. So I was able to take this picture.

On our way back I approached this one guy who placed his bike at the beach and asked him if I could take a photo of it. He looked at me a bit weird so I said: " a bit weird, I know. " But to my surprise he just shook his head and said: " No, not really. Look!" And he pulled his own camera out of his backpack. Both of us crouched down and started taking photos of his bike. A shame that no one took a photo of us doing so. It would have been a funny shot.

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