Hakuna matata! - Pilipinos strength

by Malvina Przymęcka December. 01, 2018 895 views

Smile, without a reason why. Love, as if you were a child. Smile, no matter what they tell you. Don't listen to a word they say 'Cause life is beautiful that way !

Philippines, is an archipelagic country, immensely friendly and colorful. Country of a thousand islands, named Las Islas Filipinas, discovered in 1521 by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

For some people, especially those who come to the Philippines for the first time, it seems to be a paradise on earth - crystal, clear water, hot weather, wonderful, white beaches, fantastic spot for surfers, variety of the underwater world snorkeling lagoon, cheap, tasty food, children climbing on palm trees and picking coconuts. So what do you want more to be happy?

but don’t judge a book by its cover.........

Philippines definitely isn't a paradise for people who live there everyday and struggle with the difficulties of life. There are regularly earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions, typhoons, heavy rains and fires. In particular out of large cities, you can notice people living very modestly and having a simple life without shopping center or exclusive cars. In any case, the obstacle to enjoying the joy of everyday life is neither poverty nor a large number of natural disasters. Even in the worst oppression on the faces of the Filipinos you will see a smile.

Want less and smile often?



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