Marie in Prague - my first Lightroom preset

by Luther Photographer June. 29, 2018 685 views

In the summer of 2016, I had a shooting with the beautiful blonde Marie, who is from a small town in the centre of the Czech Republic. For the first part of the shooting, we went to Stromovka park just north of Prague city centre.

The reason I publish these photos now is that I recently subscribed to Adobe CC and started working with Lightroom. I am fascinated by the vast possibilities it gives me. I have started to learn how to give my photos a certain look and am quite pleased with how strongly I have progressed.

I discovered presets and played around with them. It can be really confusing but you can also achieve great results that make a big difference. There are a lot of free presets available on the internet, some cost a bit and some are quite expensive. I played around with some from the first two categories.

At some point I asked myself the question to what extent it is your own work if you take a picture and edit it by mainly just activating a preset someone else has created. So I set myself the objective to one day create my own presets.

My first step was to make some changes to the images after applying the presets to tailor them to the individual images. Next, I closely looked at the the editing that was done within the presets, especially the tone curves, HSL/color and split toning.

After a while, I started editing the images without applying presets. I took me a while to achieve a look that I liked and that was similar to that I earlier had only been able to achieve with the help of presets.

I finally came up with a look that gives outdoor portraits a nice and warm, vintage tone. Lightroom also has nice organising options for your photos. I came across this old shooting and realised how many great shots I took on this single morning which I somehow had not realised, at least not to that extent. I had published some of these photos on different sites with my back then quite limited editing skills.

After developing my first own Lightroom preset using the first image of this set, I selected the other images shown here, applied the preset on all of them and finally individually tweaked them.

I am quite pleased with the results and also surprised with how quickly I finished with editing them as I did not need to apply too many individual changes on the pictures.
Nevertheless, there still is a long way to go. I want to further optimise this preset and of course develop further ones that give my images a different look and/or can be used for pictures that are shot under different conditions.
I hope you like this photo set and I would love to hear your comments on the editing, but of course also on the photos themselves.

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