by Chelsie Dwello January. 28, 2017 130 views

Today I will let go of all that I do not Know

The universe and everything in it exploded into being out of one chaotic event billions of years ago.  But out of this chaotic mess an orderly and beautiful arrangement was born that made our lives possible.  when we let go of what we do not know, we open ourselves to experience the world of infinite possibilities.




There is an underlying current of tranquility that lies beneath the surface of the unpredictable

Life manifests itself out of the void and we are an intricate part of that

To see the random patterns manifesting themselves throughout the day is to feel the essence of the universe

Realizing that we are just a short chapter of this cosmic story unfolding is like stepping off a cliff, while knowing there is no bottom

Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole

We are free to let go of all that holds us back

We can help create the story the universe has to tell

But letting go is like being launched into the blackness of space and knowing there is no way to return home

The question then becomes, even if you could return home

Would you really want to?

Living in the void opens up a space for life to grow

And life is energy

We are truly alive only when we can have enough space to live

And let the energy of the universe flow through us

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