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My art is an extension of my connection with the universe. Since early childhood I have always been fascinated with capturing the world around me and all that I experience on film. I think I first picked up a camera in about the fourth grade. I’ve been hooked since. For me, photography is about more than taking a great shot. Contained within each moment there is a lot of emotion and life, whether it’s in a person’s eyes, a random object that I have found walking down the street, or a message written on the side of a building downtown. With each photograph, I try to capture these moments and share them with anyone who is willing to take a look.
I also love to write and I discovered at an early age that poetry is a great way to express your feelings in a positive way. It’s a sort of release, like downloading files from the hard drive of your mind. Getting it out on paper cleans out the cobwebs and boxes to make room for new experiences and memories. I always feel so much better after writing poem, working on a piece, or taking a really great shot with my camera


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Camera Gear

  • right now I'm using a cannon with a standard lens. But I'm upgrading to a Nikon with more lenses…
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